Introduction Of BS-SWT2 RSWT System:

Shock wave therapy system is widely used for physiotherapy and pain relief. Mechanical stimulation is capable of triggering reactive systems of human-beings in cellular structure, tissue reactions and metabolic effects include:
• increased metabolism
• altered cell membrane permeability
• improvement of cellular structure
• Improvement of tensile stability
• increased cell activity by gene expression
• expression of growth and pain mediator hormone

BS-SWT2X is the model designed as Radial Shockwave Equipment especially useful for:
• Insertion Tendopathia
• Heel Spur / Fascitis Plantaris
• Epicondylopathia radialis / ulnaris
• Patella Tip Syndrome / Achillodynia
• Myofascial Pain Syndromes
• Tibialis anterior Syndrome
• Impingement Syndrome
• Trigger Point Therapy.

BS-SWT2X shockwave therapy machine

Parameter Of BS-SWT2X (SmartWave) Shock Wave Therapy Machine (for non-USA market):

Parameter Value
Technology Compressor free ballistic radial shockwave therapy-system with electromagnetic generator as projectile accelerator
Power Levels / Energy 10 to 190mJ adjustable, stepping at 10mJ (equal to 0.25 to 5Bar)
Modes Frequencies from 1 to 22 Hz and 3 burst modes (4 / 8 / 12 pulses)
Programs 8 pre-set programs
Protocols 30 pre-set protocols
Output Single channel or Dual channel (operate on 2 different handpieces, for BS-SWT2X model only)
Controls Colour touch-screen for all software operations. Rotary control knobs for energy level and for frequency
Dimension 320 x 225 x 126 mm (L/W/H)
Weight 2.7Kg (Without Handpiece)
Shockwave Hand Piece Ergonomic, with anodized aluminium casing and fan cooling, 800g in weight
Applicator heads Diameters of 6 / 15 (2 pieces) / 25 mm / 36 | 39mm Tool free exchange possibility
Package Aluminium suitcase
Conformity IEC/EN 60601-1 and 60601-1-2

Radial and ulnar epicondylitis

Tendinitis of the shoulder / shoulder problems

Calcific tendinitis of the shoulder

Status post muscular injury

Patellar tendinitis

Patellar tendinopathy


Plantar fasciitis

Heel spurs

Myofascial trigger point therapy e.g. neck

Myofascial trigger point therapy e.g. back, muscular back pain

Trochanteric bursitis

Periostitis / shin splints (Condition after overload)

Dupuytren's disease

Thumb basal joint arthritis / rhizarthritis

Handpiece x 1 pc or 2 pc (dual channel only)

Handpiece base x 1 pc

Handpiece head (alloy made) x 5 pc

Main unit x 1 pc

Handcase or Trolley (need to book) x 1 pc

Power cord x 1 pc

Foot switch x 1 pc (multi-directional footswitch need to book)

Operation manual x 1 copy

BS-SWT2X has been improved in past years, as 3rd generation product, it has following advantages:

1. Over 2 million or even much more shots lifecycle designed applicator
2. As many as 38 pre-set treatment protocols for physiotherapy (pain)
3. Rich Ti-alloy made transmitters (5 pcs), much better than previous platic ones
4. Max energy up to 190mJ (from 10mJ, stepping at 10mJ)
5. Max frequency up to 22Hz (from 1Hz, stepping at 1Hz)
6. Support dual channel output by seperate handpiece
7. No over heating issue
8. Mini design, can be put into back-pack easily (less than 3kg)

BS-SWT2X more photos in detail:

  • shockwave therapy equipment BS-SWT2X

    SmartWave BS-SWT2X

    shock wave therapy equipment BS-SWT2X handpiece

    Handpiece details

    • easy to move RSWT system
    • powerful shockwave therapy machine
    • real shockwave therapy equipment

    More photos of BS-SWT2X shock wave therapy system

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