Introduction Of BS-LIPS5 Surgical Liposuction:

Surgical liposuction system as BS-LIPS5 is one of the most popular surgical invasive lipolysis solution. It includes an infusion mechanism and cannula for infusion of the tumescent anesthetic solution, suction apparatus, and suction cannulas of specifi ed diameters and tip designs. Tip shapes vary and include blunt, bullet, spatula, and ‘V’ shapes. By default a kit is included already. BS-LIPS5 included power assisted handpiece, thus powered cannulas have come into use to facilitate the back and forth movement of the cannula. This reciprocating motion allows easier movement through subcutaneous tissue when compared to manual techniques in some surgeon’s hands.

BS-LIPS5 is the model designed as all-in-one PAL:
• Power assisted or manual liposuction
• High pressure suction for lipolysis
• Infusion of the tumescent
• 3-way controller for optional
• Low noisy
• Autoclavable liquid path
• High speed reciprocating motion
• Easy to handle.

Parameter Of BS-LIPS5 Surgical Liposuction Machine:

Parameter Value
Technology Power Assisted Liposuction
Power Levels / Energy 0.09 Bar
Modes Continuous adjustable
Speed Max 4000
Fluency 185L/M
Output Single channel with 2-way controller (3-way controller optional)
Power 500W
Dimension 380 x 420 x 1045 mm (L/W/H)
Weight 45Kg
Handpiece Ergonomic, with anodized aluminium casing, 850g in weight
Package Wooden case
Conformity IEC/EN 60601-1 and 60601-1-2

Power assisted liposuction

Handpiece x 1 pc

Handpiece base x 1 pc

Main unit x 1 pc

Power cord x 1 pc

Cannula kit x 1 pc

Reservoirs kit x 1 pc

Foot switch x 1 pc

Operation manual x 1 copy

BS-LIPS5/5S model PAL has been improved since it was developed several years ago, it has following advantages:

1. Long lifecycle handpiece / applicator
2. All-in-one design, with full functions for normal usage
3. Rich cannula kits for various usages
4. High energy output
5. Low noise
6. Support 3-way controller (optional feature)
7. Easy to use
8. All accessory can be reuse

BS-LIPS5 PAL more photos in detail:

  • BS-LIPS5 liposuction machine

    Real photo of whole unit

    Handpiece details

    • BS-LIPS5 liposuction machine
    • BS-LIPS5 liposuction machine cannulas

    Factory photos

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